Trend Alert- Colored Lips+Winged Eyes

Hello All My Darling Divas!
I”m here with another Trend Alert Video, except this time its not fashion its makeup! Lately my makeup style has been a nice lip color and a dramatic Cat Eye, so here I’m going to show you what kind of lipsticks I have been rocking so far this fall. I’m also going to be giving you tips on what lip colors you should have in your Makeup Collection, so that you to can find a great bold Lip color to rock..So lets begin! and btw the Liquid Eyeliner I use in all thease looks  is by Black Radiance found at your local drugstore for $3

Lets Get Naked

Well Not actually! Lets keep those clothes on ladies!! But you want to get naked with your lipstick. Every Woman Should Have a Nude Lipstick in their Collection because it gives you a simple sexy look and goes great with any outfit. A woman should always have a neutral go-to lipstick just in case a color lipstick wont go well with you outfit. Also it can be worn everyday, and gives your makeup a more natural finish. Below Im wearing Soft Nude By Revlon. I Highly Recommend this for any shade of skin because it can be matched to any shade by simply coating a bit of your concealer or foundation on your lips before you apply the nude lipstick. That way your lips get concealed of any cracks from the harsh winter wind and creates the perfect shade of nude for your skin instantly.

<—— Im Rocking Soft Nude By Revlon-$6.49 at Target

Dark & Lovely
Now this is my favorite look to rock! Every Woman should have two shades of Dark Lipstick in there possession: A Dark Purple Lipstick and A Burgundy Lipstick. The Dark Purple Lipstick Gives you a seductive sexy look that will have every man at your beck and call and the Burgundy Lipsticks gives you a vintage look that gives Marilyn A run for her money. If You Line your lips with a lip liner of the same shade, your lips will be full and luscious and will have everybody wanting a kiss from you 
<—– The Dark Purple Lipstick im Rocking in the top photo is Medusa by NYX-$4.00 Click here to see it on the site
<—– The burgundy Lipstick in rocking on the bottom is from MaryKay but I would recommend you use tribute to Marilyn by NYX- $7.50  Click here to see it on the site

Think Pink
Ok so the last shade that every woman should have is a pink lipstick. Now finding the perfect shade of pink is very very tricky. You dont want the shade to be to light but you also dont want it to be to dark. So when finding the perfect shade, try to place the color against the back of your palm. Most lipstick shades have the color on the tube somewhere, for example at the top of the page theres a picture of the top tubes of lipsticks. Those colors are the shade of lipstick that is inside the tube. You would use that color as a guide to see if you would wear it. Almost like swatching it before you buy it. And if the lipstick tube doesnt have the color of the lipstick on the outside of the tube, try to imagine how it would look against your skin, and then from there decide if your like it or not

<—- Im rocking Revlon;s Candy Pink- $6.49 at Target

Some Lip Color Tips 
  • If your buy a shade of lipstick that is too light or dark for you, Dont throw it away!  layer it with another shade of lipstick to create a shade your comfortable with
  • Play with different lip liners to make your lips look fuller and make your lip color stand up
  • Make sure to always moisturize your lips before and after you apply your lipsticks. If your lips are chapped, then you will have colored chapped lips, and that is NOT sexy! I use Blistex before and after always when im wearing lipstick

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