Timming My Golide Locks

Hello My Darling Divas!

Ok so I wanted to first start off by saying..I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!!!!! whew glad i got that out the way 🙂 but yeah this is just showing you how i trim my natural hair. Im not a professional and dont know how many inches to cut or all that fancy talk of hair, I just cut off the tip of my twist, and my hair grows! so the video will show you the process I go through to trim my hair. It is a pretty lengthy video sooo yeah sorry about that my lovelies, Below is where I brought all the products in this video, so feel free to use my products or incorporate your own. Until next time love you all!.
p.s. how bout that snow east cost divas???????

Click on this link to see the blog post of the hair products I used.
Shears-Goody Professional About $4.00 @ Walmart 
Spray Bottle- My local Beauty Supply store for $1.00
Detangling Comb- Dollar Tree for $1.00

My hair After I took my twist down after the trim…Notice how healthy and soft my hair looks 🙂 

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