Fat Girl + Crop Top= Fabulous

Hello Ladies! I’m here with another installment of the Trend Alert Blog Post. I hope you guys enjoy the last trend alert video time on knee-high socks. If you missed that post click on the link to check it out.

For starters….ALL CROP TOPS TO NOT HAVE TO SHOW YOUR STOMACH!!!!  As you can see in my pictures below only a little bit of the tummy is exposed. ^___^ So now that i have that disclaimer out the way, lets get into today’s Trend Alert….The Crop Top. A Shirt style that has been banned from the plus-size community for way to long. Just because you got some tummy doesn’t mean you cant rock a crop top. Follow these tricks of the trade and you will be able to rock and crop top that comes your way.

Tye-Dye Sensation.

This Crop top style can be paired with High-Waisted pants, or leggings. Here its just paired casually with a pair of capris. Notice how only a lil bit of tummy is showing. All crop tops dont have to show that much skin. a lil def goes a long way.

Fringed out

I am so in love with this top! The fringe in the shirt allows you to conceal a bit of your tummy and also only shows a bit of your stomach like the photo on the left You can rock it alone or with a cardigan or blazer like the photo in the right.

                                                               You Make Me Happy

This rocker outfit is the epitome of the perfect fat girl crop top. This crop top is my personal fave because it doent go above the belly button. So it gives the feel of a crop top, but still gives you a bit more material to work with. This is the most common crop top on the shelves. I have a whole bunch in my closet that i always throw on with a pair of leggings or a pair of jeans.

Where Brooklyn At!

This is the most daring crop top so beware. This asymmetrical crop top is the top that you wouldnt dare to put on cause it shows to much. But if you a Bold Fashionista like myself, the bigger the challenge the better. I sometimes wear this crop top with a tank top underneath, so  just in cause you dont want to be as bold thats an alternative to this look.  But for those who want to bite the bullet on this one, pull ya skinny jeans up throw on the top and work that incredible figure of yours!

A few Tips 
  • High Waisted pants and Leggings are sometimes hard to find and can sometimes be lil pricey.So if need be just pull your jeans or leggings above your stomach to make any pant high waisted.Just be sure you have room in your pants, you dont wanna be rockin a Camel toe!
  • If you see a crop top in a smaller size, try it on! since your gonna be rocking it either above the belly button or slightly below it, you may be able to fit a crop top one size under your normal size.
  • If you get a lil self conscious about showing to much of ya lady lumps, throw on a blazer or a cardigan. It will still have the crop-top effect in the front where every one can see. And give you a lil bit more confidence with the sides and back of you
All Crop tops featured in this video were brought at Target, Easy Pickins ( they have a plus-size department!) and Forever21. Click on the ads below to get some amazing deals some wonderful websites! ( Dont worry I promise its not spam! lol)

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