Trend Alert!- The knee-High Trouser Sock

 Hello Darling Divas,
Ok so I have been seeing this trend in magazines and mannequins and always thought it was cute, so its time for us curvy girls to rock this look. Fill your fall fashion quota up with these looks. These socks come in all kinds of prints and colors, they even come in different fabrics such as cotton and wool. Feel free to mix and match and create your own looks! Think of this as only the guide! So lets get started.

  • When buying the sock make sure that it fits your shoe size. Most of them have the sizes that there for. for example: one tag may say 4-12. Those socks are for women whos shoe size falls between the number of 4 and 12. Make sure you read the label!

Look 1.
This look is a very edgy look where I paired my Tribal printed Skirt, a basic black shirt and a denim button up. The belt and the combat boots give it a rocker type look, and of course the striped trouser socks completely made the outfit.

Look 2.
This next look a bold look that I created by pairing my blue and black stripped skirt, my simple black shirt again, and a cheetah printed cardi. The cardigan gives it the bold look. Paired with stripped knee-high socks and wedges. 
Look 3.
This girly meets rocker look is put together by pairing a floral printed dress, a thick black belt to show off my figure. The punk is brought to the look by adding Combat boots and of course, the Knee-High Sock 

Look 4.
This Girly look was created using another floral printed dress and a jean jacket. The brown Oxfords give it such a classy look. The laced Knee-High Socks give it an even girly flair 
Look 5. 
A simple Cheetah-Licious look with a simple skirt and oxfords. Pic was just taken to show how the skirt and the sock ratio makes you look fab.
List of where to buy Socks
Target Stores and ( that where i got mines)
Walmart stores and wall (they have alot of designs and colors)
Any-type of hosiery store or Sock store ( my mall has tons)
Lit of where to buy skirts and dresses
Forever21 stores and Forever 21. com
Fashion to figure stores and Fashion to
Torrid Stores and
*Deb shops
 ( *be careful in that store because some of the clothes are not flattering to the curvy girls body!) 

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