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Hello My darling Divas!

I would love to hear what you would love to see up here on the NoMinusPlusBlog and you tube channel! So just send me an email at nominusblog@yahoo.com and send me what you would love to see up there! Also I wanna get to know you guys! ( that is if i dont know you already) so also send me a friendly email just saying hey!! lol so yeah the nominusplusblog@yahoo.com is our way of communicating so send me an email!

Love you guys as always!!!

Natural Hair Care Regimen- Part 3 FINALLY!!

Hello My Darling Divas!!!!

ok ok so I kno that this video is pretty late but ya know what they say…better late then never! I finally took out that weave and got my natural locks back so here I am giving you my hair Care Regimen.

 List of products used

Olive Oil Wrap/Set Mousse- $5.00 
Used my own Shea Butter Mixture as my moisturizer 
Denman Brush-$5.00
Hair Clips- $2
All thease products can be found at your local Wallgreens, Target, Wallmart and your Local Beauty Supply Store 
A couple of pics!

 Hope you enjoyed!!

Fashion Haul

Hello My Darling Divas,

Heres my first fashion haul video and i hope that all of you enjoy it.  I was kinda nervous putting this up here because i never put one up like it before but hey, its a first time for everything right. The pictures that are promised in the video will be posted up a little later. Got a little bit sidetracked sooo i couldnt take them yet. But until then enjoy the video dolls!!!

Tribal Printed Leggings & Grandma Glasses