Natural Hair Care Regimen- Part 2

Hello My Darling Diva’s,

Heres part 2 to my natural hair care video. Its where I show you how I blowdry and Flat Iron my hair. I promised that i would do a video on how i also two strand twist my hair…but due to it being sooooo hot, that video maybe put on hold for awhile. So ladies enjoy the video and below, as promised, a list of products are provided so you can see where to buy ūüôā

List of Products

  Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide Protective- $14.00 At
Cantu Super Shine Hair Silk- $6.00 at local Cvs, Wall-mart or Target
Conair Infiniti Blowdryer with 3 attachements- $29.99 at Target 
Remington  Flat Iron (printed comes in all types of nice prints and colors) $19.99 at

Name Change?

Helloo My Darling Diva’s!!!!
If you noticed there is a bit of a change to the blog..R.I.P. To The Curvy Girl Chronicles and Hello to the new and¬†improved¬†Nothing Minus about a Plus! The video is gonna explain why I changed it and what not so yea….hope you guys love Nothing Minus about a Plus just as much as ya love The Curvy Girl Chronicles!¬†

Natural Hair Care Regimen- Part 1

Hello my Darling Divas!

As promised in my last hair care video, I told you that I would should you how I wash, condition, deep condition and hot oil treat my hair. So this is the first part of that video so sit back and enjoy. List of products and where to get them are listed below. Any questions, Comments, or concerns drop me a note on and rememeber to like the fb page and follow the curvy girl chronicles on twitter @thecurvyGC

List of Products and Where to buy

Sea Breeze Astringent for Hair, Face, And nails $5.99
Shampoo and Conditioner- Suave Conditioner  $2.00
Deep Conditioner- Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioner $3.00
Oils for hot oil treatment- Hot Six Oil( $4.99)  Wonder 8 Oil ( $4.99)

All Of the products above can be found at Target and Wallmart EXCEPT for the Deep¬†Conditioners¬†and the oil’s. The Deep Conditioner and Oils can be found at your local beauty supply store or online just copy and paste the product into¬†Google¬†and buy it there.¬†