Whats In your Spring Closet

Hello All My Darling Diva’s

       Due to my face breaking out terribly from alll of my makeup tutorials and pictures, I gotta give my face a break for awhile and give it a chance 2 breathe sooo I will coming to you today with a fashion blog! I haven’t done it in sooo long and now its spring time so theres alot to get! If you have these basics in your closet then your spring shall be fabulous and spring-tacular! So lets get started!!

The Ever popular Simple t-shirt
These simple t-shirts as simple classy flair to any outfit. The cute simple designs on the shirts are just enough to at pop and pizazz to any outfit. You can never go wrong with a simple, basic t-shirt. The best part about this is that all these shirts from target! You can never go wrong with target I love it!
Dressed from Head 2 toe 

These cute dresses are a great look for spring. They come in different colors and designs and you can pretty much pick these dresses up at any store that caters to your style. I got the blue one and the dress with the beading around the neckline from Target and I got the black detailed one in the middle from Fashion To Figure.
Skirts, Skirts Galore 
You can never go wrong with a good ol skirt! I cant get enough of them. Weather its polka-dotted, striped, flower printed or cheetah-licious, then its a skit that im gonna buy!  Most of the time us curvy girls get to thinking that we cant wear skirts because of our amazing hips and thighs that outweigh most women. But as the saying goes “If the shoe fits…. so if the skirt comes in ya size you betta rock that thang before I do.!! I got the black skirt from target, the blue one from Forever21 and the other two skirts from Fashion to figure

The ever popular and ever fashionable Denim Cardi. I love love love them. Its like a spring jean jacket. To mean they can either add a rock en roll flair to your outfit, or something a lil sultry. Weather you dress it up or dress it down, the Denim Cardi is the way to go. The darker washed denim cardi is from Target ( of course) and the lighter washed one is from Fashion to Figure.
Printed Legs
These printed leggings are a fun way to jazz up any outfit you can wear them under a dress or a skirt or you can wear them just alone with a basic t-shirt. There so comfortable to wear and you can pretty much find them anywhere
Where to buy
 These are all my personally brought items and im not exactly sure if you will find the exact clothes that I have but you can go to these stores and find something similar that you may love!
  • Target ( Of course yall know thats my store!)
  • Fashion to figure
  • Forever21

So i decided to show pictures of how you can mix and match these looks up to get the full benefit of these clothes. Dont be afraid to mix and match up prints and make them your own.

Denim Cardi + Simple Tshirt + Printed Leggings = A cute day at the Mall
Tshirt + Mini Skirt = A perfect Date with Mr.Right
Denim Cardi + Dress= A lovely lunch date with the girls
Dress + Printed Leggins= Campus Savy 
Tshirt + Mini Skirt + Printed Leggings = A Fashionable Night to remember
Until Next Time My loves 
Xoxoxoxxo Miss Diva Janae

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