Seven Deadly Sins Makeup: Lust

Hello My Darling Diva’s!

Its day two of the Seven Deadly Sins Makeup and today were filled with lust! This sexy pink and navy smokey look can be dressed in any alluring sexy way that you choose!

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Items used
Liquid Foundation- To prime the eye
Pink Eyeshadow
Navy Blue Eyeshadow
Liquid eyeliner

Seven Deadly Sins Makeup: Envy

Hello My Darling Diva’s!

I know that its has been a while but I have been sooooo busy with schoolwork and personal life. But im back and im here with my fabulous seven part series with looks that emulate the seven deadly sins. I love everything about the Seven Deadly sins and I thought it would be a fun and creative way to bring something different to the blog.

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Items Needed:
Makeup Primer
Green Eyeshadow
Black Eyeshadow
Liquid Eyeliner


Hello My Darling Divas!

Im so sorry that i have been gone but i have been a little bit under the weather but im back now!!!! So its spring and this week im calling Sping-Taculr because im on my spring break so all of thease makeup looks, fashion and nail looks are designed for spring!

Makeup Used in the video:
Green Eyeliner- N.Y.C MAkeup colored eyliner, about $1 at your local drugstore or target

Celebrity Inspired Makeup…Beyonce

Hello My darling Divas,
Ive been a lilttle under the weather so thats why i havent been speaking in my videos lately…but i hope you are all still enjoying them! Today is the second installment of celebrity makeup Fridays and today is featuring Beyonce! She is my favorite artist and I loved her makeup in video phone soo..enjoy!