Makeup Challenge Monday!!!! And Happy Valentines Day!!

Hello Darling Diva’s!!!!!
Happy Valentines day to you all!! Whether You have a valentine or not, Make it a great day!!!!
Today is the first day of Makeup Challenge Monday and im soooo excited!!! The first makeup challenge Day is 2 Create a natural look. Very Simple and to the point!!!

Here are the rules for the challenge again!!

1. The look must be related  to the challenge presented on monday. I will do a tutorial on mines but dont enter the look I did, create your own and have a lil fun!!

2. The picture must be clear for me 2 see ur lovely work. It must be sent 2 my email which is no later that Friday @ 9:00am, anytime after that then u wont be considered for the prize

3. Yes i said PRIZE!!!! lol each week the makeup challenge will have a winner and each week will have a winner!!! So on friday of that challenge, the winner and the prize will be announced! So get involved ladies, No entry no prize

Curvylious suggestions

Liquid Eyeliner- N.Y.C Makeup $2.00 Local Wallgreeens or CVS
Mascara- Lash Stiletto $6.94 Local Target, CVS, Wallgreens or Wallmart
Light Brown/Gold Eyeshadow- CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Eyeshadow in Gold SizzleLocal Target, CVS, Wallgreens Or Wallmart

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