Makeup Challenge Monday!!!!

Hello My Darling Divas,
I was presented with a 20 day makeup challenge and so I thought hmm…what a great way to do some new fun looks and tutorials for my diva’s!! lol ok so every monday for 20 weeks I will come you with the challenge and show you my look for it via pictures and tutorial. Now dont let me have all the fun ladies! Get involved! Be apart of the challenge and have a lil fun! If u decide that you want 2 do the challenge as well, here are the official Curvy-Girl Chronicles Makeup-Challenge Rules

1. The look must be related  to the challenge presented on monday. I will do a tutorial on mines but dont enter the look I did, create your own and have a lil fun!!

2. The picture must be clear for me 2 see ur lovely work. It must be sent 2 my email which is no later that Friday @ 9:00am, anytime after that then u wont be considered for the prize

3. Yes i said PRIZE!!!! lol each week the makeup challenge will have a winner and each week will have a winner!!! So on friday of that challenge, the winner and the prize will be announced! So get involved ladies, No entry no prize

So yes my darling divas if u wanna participate please do, if  not then jst enjoy the fun tutorials!
Love you all,
 MissDivaJanae xoxoxo

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