Forever Loving Forever21!!!

Hello My Darling Divas,
First and foremost Happy Fantabulous New Year and its been sooo long since
 I posted a blog, but school had 2 come first for a while. But Im back and more fabulous than ever and have soooo much 2 share with you. And the first is forever21. They have finally launched there plus sizes in stores and ladies, IT IS THE BOMB!!! not only is it chic and fab but it also afordable and what more could  a curvy gal ask for! They have everything from shoes to shirts, dresses to jeans and even jewlery!. So move aside size 2, the double-digit divas are commin to forever 21!  Now of course I could come to you without telling  you my curvylious suggestions so enjoy  ^_^

So of course my first suggestion is something I brought. This daring short cut bandage skirt I purchased for my friends birthday party and both shirt and skirt was from forever21! The blue and black striped skirt I got got for $10.50 and my reto fab Marilyn Monroe shirt I got for $13.00. This skirt can def be dressed up or dressed down wit any perfect pair of boots,pumps and leggings.Every Curvy Gal should def grab a bandage skirt because it enhances ya hips and gives everyone a big ol ghetto booty!! lol ^_^
Ok so every fashion forward gal needs atleast 2 LBD’s in the closet and this one 2 me is so fab. You will look sex in the city chic wit ya girls if u step into any club with this dress on!. Its material is so stunning and the detailng and pockets in the front are just amazing to me. Its new on the shelves this month so ladies get it while its hot!
Ok so i purchase this like the first time I discovered Forever21 plus size fashions and I must say I love this top! I have created sooo many outfits with this one shirt. It can go under a cardigan, add flair with a skirt and looks the best with a pari of skinny jeans and printed leggings. It was def a good buy so def get this top ladies, you wont regret this purchase! 
This skirt is a perfect start to the beginning of your spring wardrobe. Its floral print gives you a girly touch and pair it with a pair of boots like the pic above and girl you’ll be killin them! I am def going back to purchace this one!
Ok so as soon as I slipped on a pair of thease jeans I brought 3 pairs! I love the way they fit for my curves and it makes the junk in the trunk look good! There a def good fit and I wear them like almost everyday. But one thing if u do purchace any of there jeans, through them in the wash for a cold rinse before  you do. Theres heavy access dye on these jeans and you def dont want all your clothes to be tinted blue!
To purchase any of the curvylicious suggestions above please go to your nearest forever21 or to order and to find your nearest store. And ladies, please try not to pass out from the prices and variety like I did. Ladies I promise you that you will fall in love with thease clothes and theres more to come!. 
Tootles ladies!
x0x0- Miss DivaJanae 

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