Whats in your Winter Closet?

Hello Again My Darling Diva’s,

 Tis the season to be fashionable! As the weather gets colder, and as you start to break out your hats a gloves, there are a few staple item that all you darling divas need to have in your closet to keep you warm and fabulous this winter. Just because its cold doesnt mean you have to throw away your style.

 The Drapped Cardi

 This is a def  must have this summer because its gives a little bit more definition from you average cardi. This Cari gives your outfit some movement, pizazz and something a little bit different. The flowy fabric works with your curves and will make you look fabulous!
Cuvy-licios suggestion? Fashion to Figure’s drapped cardigan for $25.00 @ Fashiontofigure.com
To scrunch or not to Scrunch? 

Thease tall seude boots are the def must have for the cold season. They have sexy appeal and even makes our shorter Curvy Chicas appear to be more taller and longer! These boots have the ability to stretch above your knee or scrunch down to make them abit shorter. Giving you alot of variety in one pair of boots!
Curvy-Licious suggestion?  Cloud-walkers By Avenue- $36.90 on Avenue.com or in Avenue stores
Chunky Comes in handy 
This Chunky scarf is sure to keep ya neck warm and ya outfits even hotter. Available in many colors and many different styles, This scarf is very versatile and looks good with just about any outfit. You can either dress it up or dress it down. 
Curvy-licios Suggestion? Chunky Knit Tasseled Scarf $14.80- Forever21.com or Forever21 Stores
A sweater with a twist
I know that if any of you curvy girls are like me, you like to wear dresses and skirts. Well just because the weather outside is frighting doesn’t mean your dress and skirts cant be delighting. This sweater dress gives you the ablity to show off your legs but still stay warm. Pair with a pair or colored or printed tights to give it a color and a little flair. 
Curvy-licious suggestion?  Ruched Hip Sweater Dress With open Shoulder-&34.00 at Fashiontofigure.com Or Fashion to Figure stores
So my Darling Diva’s I hope these staple items help you get through your snowy days and have good fashionable days!
xoxoxo- Ms.DivaJanae 

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