Minding A Black-Owned Business| Mess in a bottle

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

I hope you all are staying safe and doing well wherever you are.Today on the blog we are getting into some mess! I am doing another segment in my Minding A Black-Owned Business series, and this time around we are highlighting the Black-Owned Brand Mess in A Bottle! Mess in a Bottle is an expressive brand that allows you to say whatever you want without ever having to say anything at all. I fell in love with the MESSages as soon as I heard all about the brand, and I am excited to chat with you all about it today! Shall we get into the mess?

Did you enjoy the mess? I hope so! I think it’s so dope how this brand uses apparel to spread positive messages. Go on over to the Website to grab some mess of your own!

How I Styled My Mess

Look 1

Jacket: Fashion Nova, Leggings: LaneBryant, Boots: Just Fab

Look 2

Duster: JCPenney, Jeans: Walmart, Boots: Ashley Stewart

Look 3

Bralette& Pants: Lane Bryant, Jacket: Family Dollar, Sneakers: Nike

The bodysuit that I was gifted is no longer available on the website, so instead, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite Mess!

And that’s all from me Darling Divas! Once again shoutout to the dope brand Mess In A Bottle! Be sure to cop a message from them if you can! Are you signed up for the V.I.P. Mailing List? It’s the best way to keep up with the blog. Click here if you are interested in signing up! I love you lots like tater tots, and let’s chat again in the next one!

5 Women That Inspire Me

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe! As many of you know this past Monday was International Women’s day, and the month of March is Women’s History Month, so I decided to chat all about 5 women who inspire me! Today’s video is going to be kind of lengthy and might make you teary, so grab a snack and some tissues and meet me underneath the video after!

Did you enjoy I hope so! Who are some women that inspire you? Comment down below and let me know! Want to see how to find out more about the incredible women mentioned in this video? Check them out below!

Iesha Gilchrist

You can find Iesha’s thrifting styles and content on TikTok and Instagram! Be sure to also check out her services on her website!

Evelyn From The Internets

You can find Evelyn’s feel-good content on Youtube, Instagram, and be sure to also check out her website!

Issa Rae

You can find catch up on Issa’s show Insecure on HBO Max, and be on the lookout for the final season happening soon! Be sure to also check her out on Instagram, and click here to watch one of my favorite interviews from her!


You can find all of Beyonce’s work with one quick google search, but I am currently obsessed with her film Black is King on Disney +, her newest IvyPark collection, and her documentary Life Is But A Dream is one of my all-time faves.

Gabi Gregg

You can find OG fat girl Gabi on Instagram. If you search her name on google you can find so many of her fabulous outfits!

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Did You Know There Was A Black Pinterest?

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

As Black History Month comes to a close I had to come on up here to tell you guys about the black version of Pinterest called Melaninterest! I became aware of this app on TikTok and have been hooked ever since, so I figured why not share the love with all of you! Enjoy the video and meet me below for more details!

So what did you think? Follow ya girl on Melaninterest @NoMinusPlus! I will be sure to follow you back! Below I am going to show a side by side of each look I re-created. I think I did pretty well! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Look 1

Jacket: Dia & Co, Top: Target, Jeans: Walmart, Boots: Ashley Stewart, Purse: Thrifted, Hat: Lane Bryant

Look 2

Top: Torrid, Pants: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Lane Bryant

Look 3

Jacket& Shoes: Ashley Stewart, Top: Woman Within, Skirt: Eloquii, Purse: Gifted

Look 4

Jacket: Dia & Co, Jeans: Walmart, Sneakers: Reebok

And that’s a wrap on this month’s content! It feels really good to be back and super focused, so I hope you are ready for all the content coming your way! I just wrapped up on filming for March, so I’m excited for another month of NoMinusPlus! Be sure to sign up for the V.I.P. Mailing List if you haven’t already, and also check out the Self-Care Sunday Series on my IGTV Channel! I love you lots like tater tots, and we will chat in the next one!

Minding A Black-Owned Business: Juvia’s Place

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

I hope all of you out there are doing well today and every day! In today’s video, I am minding another black-owned business! Last time it was Honey Pot and this time around its Juvia’s Place! Today’s video is a long one, so let’s hop right in!

Did you enjoy it? I hope so! Be sure to check out Juvia’s Place when you get a chance! I am really looking forward to using more products from this brand! Click the links below to shop all the products from this video!

The Nudes

The Chocolates

The Saharan Blush Palette Volume 2

The Magic Mini

I Am Magic Loose Setting Powder

I Am Magic Concealer

I Am Magic Foundation

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Respect My Crown | Styling the New SlayBJanae Respect My Crown Tee

Hello, All My Darling Divas!

Happy Friday loves! I know you just saw me up here on Monday, but I of course had to come back up here on my regular upload day today! If you didn’t get a chance to see Monday’s video it was a Brown & Brie segment where we talked all about keeping it simple! Be sure to check it out by clicking here! I’m back here today styling the new Respect My Crown Tee from SlayBJanae! It’s perfect for all my melanin beauties who rock their hair in any state! Ready to see the looks?

Did you enjoy today’s short and sweet lookbook? Be sure to grab your Respect My Crown Tee by clicking the link here! Shall we break down each look?

Look #1 With a Sequin Skirt

Jacket: Torrid

Skirt: Co-Edition

Sneakers: Just Fab

Look #2 With Printed Pants

Jacket: JustFab

Pants: Walmart

Shoes: Lane Bryant

Look #3 With a Black Skirt

Jacket: DebShops

Skirt: Gifted

Sneakers: Reebok

Look #4 With Embellished Denim

Cardigan: Target

Jeans: Lane Bryant

Boots: Lane Bryant

Glasses: Ashley Stewart

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Brown & Brie Episode #3 : Keeping It Simple

Hello All My Darling Divas!

Happy 2021 everyone! NoMinusPlus is officially back with 2021 content, and I am soooo excited! I know I usually don’t post on Mondays, but I figured the best video to explain why I’m here on a Monday and why you didn’t see me last month is a Brown & Brie one! So grab a drink and let’s chat about keeping it simple!

Thank you so much for watching! This year is all about keeping simple and I am looking forward to how this will make my year and years to come so much easier! If you are interested in checking out my other two videos in the Brown & Brie series then click here to check out the playlist!

As I mentioned in the video I am not drinking for the year, so I am trying out new mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks! I need help naming this one! If your name wins you will win a prize from SlayBJanae!

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5 Different Ways I Show Up For Myself

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

I hope you all are doing well! This Friday we are going to be shaking things up a little bit. I have been exploring more of my Lifestyle content lately, and today I’d like to bring you into my current mindset. I have been challenging myself to show up for myself 100%, and it has been nothing but wonderful. I naturally felt led to share the 5 ways I have been showing up for myself in hopes that I can inspire somebody or be inspired by you! So grab a snack, take a seat, and enjoy today’s video!

I hope you all truly enjoyed it! What are some ways that you show up for yourself? Comment down below! I’d love to hear some possible new ideas to incorporate into my current ways! Still, working on some ways? That’s totally fine! I’m still a work in progress myself, but so far these 5 have been a great start.

My 5 Ways

  1. Cooking More: My inner chef has been unleashed during 2020, and it has been so therapeutic for me! Should I start doing some cooking content? I know I have done a little in the past, but I was thinking of starting it up again! Let me know.

2. Sticking to my schedule: This has been such a blessing to my mindset! I have been able to breeze through my task now that I am doing them when I planned to! AirTable has been such a big help with maintaining my schedule. It’s a great app that helps me organize my thoughts, my daily tasks, and allows me to check them off one by one!

3. Only Working On Weekends: My Weekends are my absolute Me Days! I look forward to it every single week, and I lounge just as hard as I work! On my weekends I do facemasks, catch up on my tv shows, and spend time with my loved ones. I also use my weekends to SLEEP! If you want to see a weekend routine video let me know!

4. Spending Time Unplugged: This is an area that is still such a struggle but has still been so helpful when I do it. Spending time away from all of my electronics gives my brain and eyes a break! Everything we do is on the phone now, so it’s great to take a break every now and then.

5. Writing Things Down: Writing things down has been such a big help! It allows me to track all that I am doing. Sometimes we get so caught up in knocking things out that we don’t know what we actually knocked out. Writing in my various journals and crossing things off my handwritten to-do list has been a big help because it allows me to see what I have been doing! Hopefully this tip can help one of you!

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I Just Felt Like Getting Dressed

Hello All My Darling Divas!!

Welcome back to another Friday here on the blog. 2020 has got ya girl experiencing some major MGD: Miss Getting Dressed. Around this time the holiday party invites start coming in, and this year that’s just simply not happening. I decided that you know what? I don’t have to wait for an invite to get dressed. I can JUST GET DRESSED! So that’s what today’s short and sweet video is all about. Enjoy and meet below when you’re done!

Ain’t I cute? It felt good to just slap on some makeup, a wig, and a good outfit. Especially wearing pieces that I have been meaning to style. I plan to wear these three looks once it’s safe to gather again! Which look is your fave? Let me know down below

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

That’s all from me Darling Divas! I hope this video inspires you to just get dressed. Even if you can’t go anywhere just do it anyway! Are you signed up for the V.I.P. mailing list? You get perks such as seeing videos first, coupon codes, and starting in January some new perks will be added, so sign up today! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will talk to you all in the next one!

Minding A Black Owned Business-The Honey Pot Company

Happy Black Friday Darling Divas!

I hope everybody is enjoying a day filled with shopping, eating lots of leftovers, and safely being inside. Today I am introducing a new segment here on NoMinusPlus called Minding A Black Owned Business! In this series, I will be giving my reviews on black-owned businesses in hopes to put you guys on to some incredible BOB’s to support! First up is The Honey Pot Company! I know I might be late to The Honey Pot party, but I still felt the need to let you all know how I feel about the products. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the video!

Did you guys enjoy? I hope so! I have really been enjoying honey pot products, and I absolutely will be using them from now on! I have been having a happy period these last couple of months, and I know that it’s all because of these amazing products! If you are interested in purchasing honey pot products click here to go to the website, and click here to take their quiz to see which products might be best for you! Be sure to also check out Target, Walmart, Walgreens, or any other stores similar to see if they have the products! Let’s get into the breakdown of the products I used!

Honey Pot Products That I Love!

The Honey Pot pads are HEAVEN SENT! I swear they have been helping me with my cramping pain due to the herbal ingredients, and I honestly don’t see myself using any other pad product. They also have pads in a regular style and a variety of other menstrual products that can help you have a happy period.

The Honey Pot Feminine wipes surprised me, and now a staple in my wardrobe. I use it in my intimate areas, but I also use it for my face and I love it! I actually need to re-up on this product because I cant live without them!

Honey Pot Feminine Wipes in Normal

This lavender panty spray also pleasantly surprised me! After using it I always feel refreshed, and the lavender scent is light and amazing!

Refreshing Herbal Spray- Lavender Scent

Well darling divas that’s all from me! I hope you all give Honey Pot a try if you haven’t already. They are having an amazing sale today in honor of Black Friday, so now is a great time to try the products at a discounted rate! As mentioned in the video if you know of any other black-owned businesses that I can support and feature in this video, let me know! Be sure to also join the V.I.P. mailing list if you haven’t already. I’m adding new perks in January and you will be the first to know what they are if you are on the list! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you in the next one!

Unwind With Me

Hello All My Darling Divas!

I know it has been quite a bit since you have heard from me. 2020 has been quite a ride and I was just off taking some time to get somethings together. Now that everything is balanced on my end I am ready to create again, and we are kicking things off by getting Unready! I have posted plenty of Get Ready With Me videos, but I thought why not switch things up and get unready. So grab your wine, let’s chat about life, and let’s get unwind-ed!

Thank you so much for watching! What are some ways that you like to decompress after a long day? Comment down below and let me know!

Products mentioned in video

My beautiful Jade/Black Ombre Wig

Honey Pot Natural Feminine Wipes


Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub

Nivea Face Cream

Facial Buff Pads

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I hope you all have been staying safe during these times. I know certain states are going back into lockdown modes, so wear your mask, leave a couple of rolls of toilet tissue for others, and stay sanitized! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will talk to you all in the next video!