My Top 4 Winter Accessories

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

It is still very much Winter and super cold outside, so today I am sharing with you 4 of my favorite winter accessories! These 4 babies help keep me warm and stylish all season long which is very important to a fashionista like me. So enjoy the video, and meet me below for more details.

Did you enjoy? I hope so! What are some of your favorite accessories that you like to wear during the cold to keep warm? Comment them down below! Shall we get into the breakdown?

1.Long Leather Gloves

I love my black leather pair of gloves because they give me old Hollywood vibes and they keep my hands and arms warm. My pair is from Wilson Leather, but here are a couple of other pairs that I think are pretty cute.
Target Long Leather Tech Gloves ( Comes in 3 different colors!)

2. A Stylish Hat

It’s so funny how after doing this video I realized that I am a hat girl! As mentioned in the video during the colder months I go for berets and fedora type hats. They help keep my head warm while still coordinating with my outfit. My beret is from Torrid and my Panama Hat is from Target. Here are some other hats I found that I think you all would like.

Top Headwear Wool Blend French Bohemian Beret, Women's, Size: One size, Gold
Walmart Beret. This hat comes in alot of cool colors!

3. Faux Fur

I am a winter baby, so Faux Fur was MADE FOR ME! I always love adding a little fur to any of my looks, so I sometimes wear a faux fur jacket or sometimes wear one of my detachable collars or my super glam stole! Check out my faux fur picks!

4. Skinny Heart

A skinny belt is a wardrobe must no matter the weather is, but a skinny belt in winter is a MUST for me! It keeps my outfits looking uniform, and can add a little oomph to any outfit! I always get my belts from either Lane Bryant or Torrid. Check them out in the links below

So that’s it from me Darling Divas! I hope you have enjoyed chatting with me about my favorite Winter Accessories! If you want to join the #YesterdaySquad and see NoMinusPlus videos a day early then click here to sign up! Be sure to also check out NoMinusUs if you would like to be styled by me, and SlaybJanae if you would like to grab some custom apparel from me! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will chat will you all next Friday!

My 5 Goals for 2020

Happy New Year Darling Diva’s!

I know I am a bit late, but I hope you all have been having a great 2020 so far! I’m kicking off this year’s content by sitting down and sharing 5 of my goals for 2020. So sit back, relax, and let’s talk goals!

I hope you all have enjoyed! What are some of your goals for this year? Comment them down below!

My Goals for 2020

1.Consistently Post Each week.

Today’s video went up a little later than expected, but starting next week I will be posting every Friday at 5 PM EST. I also will now be giving sneak peeks to the next video at the end of each video! I hope this gets everyone excited to see what’s next!

2. Read at least 5 books.

I am looking forward to reading again! I’m kicking things off with the year of yes by Shonda Rhimes. If you would like any book reviews let me know!

3. Write more

I have always loved to write, so I’m excited to start up again! As promised here is a poem I wrote back in the day. I hope to write happier ones now that I’m older (lol) but I still am sooo proud of this piece.

Bleeding Waters

As I sit on our Bench that swings back and forth, I think of you. A small smile spreads across my face. I start to remember the times you sat there, giving me good company. A slight tilt of my head and I start to imagine you there again. Before the 24 hour relationship that forces me to share you with them. Before you were so cold. Before you locked me in a box of abandonment. Before I lost your company. I fight back tears as I remember the conversations about us becoming a we. It quarrels now with the answer of “wait until college” That answer that is the equivalent of a bee’s sting, scrapes to the knees and a heart attack. But I remain in the dark shadows of your mind while you birth others into the light. Since you have forgotten it is my job to remember. And by this time my eyes are bleeding the waters of you

4. Commit more to movement.

I am ready to get my sweat on again! I’m starting off with doing some really fun dance workouts by Fit by Ashley, then I will work my way up! I am looking forward to getting my groove on and improving my overall health at the same time

5. Do one act of community service each month.

Giving back has always been something that I wanted to do, and since getting back into it recently I have discovered how important it is for me to do it. I plan to do one each month, and I am looking forward to being a blessing to those in need.

So Darling Diva’s that wraps up the first video of 2020! I hope you all have enjoyed! If you are interested in joining the V.I.P. Mailing list click here to sign up! Emails are going to start going out again this Thursday! Interested in being styled by me? Check out NoMinusUs for my current rates and packages. Want some fabulous custom apparel made my yours truly? Check out SlayBJanae! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you in the next one!

Holi-Slay Lookbook

Happy Friday, Darling Divas!

Have your holiday party invites started rolling in? If yes then I got you covered! Today I am bringing you a lookbook with eight looks that will be great inspo for any holiday party invite! Let’s get started!

Did you enjoy? I hope so! I had so much fun creating 8 looks this time around and I hope they will help you create some fabulous looks for this season. Let’s break down each category!

Denim Category

Have any casual holiday parties coming up? Let the Denim Category be your inspiration!

Green Side

Cardigan: Mod Cloth

Jeans: Ashley Stewart

Top: Rebel Wilson X Angels ( Click here for Similar)

Shoes: Payless ( Click here for Similar)

Red Side

Top: Forever 21 ( Click here for Similar)

Jeans: Ashley Stewart

Blazer: Lane Bryant (Click here for Similar)

Flats: Lane Bryant ( Click here for Similar)

Sparkle Category

Looking to sparkle this season? This category is perfect for you!

Green Side

Cape Blazer: JustFab (Click here for Similar)

Top: Ashley Stewart

I wasn’t able to find one similar, but you can find tons of tank tops in many colors at Torrid, Ashley Stewart, or Target. You can also use a tank dress like I did!

Skirt: Co-Edition ( Click here, and here for similar)

Shoes: Lane Bryant

Red Side

Jacket: Ashley Stewart ( Click here for Similar)

Skirt: Target ( Click here for Similar)

Top: GS Loves Me ( Click here for Similar)

Sneakers: Reebok

Stripes Category

Green Side

Skirt: Eloquii ( Click here for similar)

Top: Charlotte Russe ( Click here for similar)

Flats: Torrid (Click here for similar)

Red Side

Dress: JCPenney ( Click here for Similar)

Duster: JcPenney (Click here for Similar in color. Click here for Similar in style)

Boots: PayLess ( Click here for Similar)

Dressy Category

Is your holiday party a fancy one? This category is just for you!

Green Side

Dress: Thrifted (Click here for similar)

Belt: Ashley Stewart

Shoes: Lane Bryant ( Linked in the Green Side Sparkle Look)

Red Side

Dress: Boscov’s (Click here for similar)

Shoes: Lane Bryant

That wraps up another Friday here on NoMinusPlus! Which look was your favorite? Comment down below and let me know! Be sure to follow me on social media, and also be sure to check out my poshmark closet! That is also linked above! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you in the next one!

A Day In The Life Of Brie: A Regula Degula Film Day

Hello All my Darling Divas!

Happy Friday! I am here to get a jumpstart to your weekend with another episode of A Day In The Life Of Brie! In this episode, I am spending the day inside doing some filming for NoMinusUs! If you missed the first episode of this series, click here to check it out! So sit back, enjoy, and meet me below for more details!

I hope you enjoyed it! As mentioned, I will be doing A Day In The Life Of Brie once a month, and I already can’t wait until next month! Below is the link to to all things mentioned in today’s episode!


I have been trying to get back on my fitness kick and decided that fun dance workouts would be a great way to get back into movement. I came across a Youtuber by the name of Ashley, who makes super fun dance workout videos! My favorite is her Beyonce Coachella Workout, but on this day, I did the Island & Caribbean Workout, and the Leg and Thighs workout.


I really am so happy that I pushed myself to recreate my Throwback Emerald and Gold Fall Makeup. It felt so good to create with makeup again! You will be definitely seeing more makeup looks and slayed selfies from me!

Click here to purchase the lipstick!

The video that I filmed in today’s video is a new segment that is debuting on my NoMinusUs platform this Saturday! If you are interested in checking out, follow the NoMinusUs IG page, FB page, and the Youtube page to see when it goes live! Feel free also to check out the NoMinusUs website if you are interested in booking me as your stylist!

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Happy 9th Birthday NoMinusPlus!

Happy Sunday Darling Divas!

I know that I typically don’t post on weekends, but today is a very special exception. Today is the 9th birthday of NoMinusPlus! 9 years ago today I posted my first blogpost here on NoMinusPlus, and rest is history! I want to first start off this blogpost by saying Thank You. Thank you for 9 years of love, 9 years of support, and 9 years of fashionable bliss! Every year I do a video to celebrate, and this year is no different. To celebrate NoMinusPlus I am taking a look at the first fashion post of the blog and using the tips in that post to create a lookbook! So sit back, relax, and celebrate the blog with me!

I hope that you all have enjoyed! It was so nice to look back at my earlier posts, have a good laugh, and finally be able to create again in my studio! If your interested in joining the mailing list so that you can get the link to the blooper reel for this video then click here! Don’t forget to use the code ” THANKS9″ at checkout to get free shipping all month long over at The NoMinusPlus Merch Store.

Below are the looks that were featured in the lookbook, and some links for you to shop the items featured in this video. I am a little rusty since I haven’t filmed in my studio in a long time, so please excuse the quality! It will definitely be alot better the next time around! (lol)

Brie Tip #1 A Drapped Cardi

Look 1:
Cardigan: Calvin Klein
Top &Boots: Ashley Stewart
Jeans: LaneBryant

My Current Brie Picks for a draped cardi:

Mustard Cardigan: Forever21

Burgundy Cardigan: Torrid

Blush Cardigan: Torrid

Brie Tip #2 A Chunky Scarf

Look 2:
Scarf &Jacket: Dia&Co
Top: Target
Jeans: Ashley Stewart
Boots: Eloquii

Current Brie Picks for a Chunky Scarf

Oversized Flannel Scarf- Old Navy ( They come in so many different colors)

Brie Tip #3 A Pair of Tall Boots

Look 3:
Boots: Lane Bryant
Jacket: Rachel Roy
Top: Ashley Stewart
Skirt: Co-Edition

Current Brie Picks for a Tall Pair of Boots

Black Faux Suede boots: Forever21

Brown Over the Knee Boots: Forever21

Over the knee boots for Extended Sizes: Smash Shoes

Brie Tip #4 A Sweater Dress

Look 4:
Tunic Top: Ashley Stewart
Belt: Lane Bryant
Jeans: 12TwentyTwo
Boots: Just Fab

Current Brie Picks for a Sweater Dress

A Never Worn Sweater Dress that I am selling on my Poshmark!

Light Brown Dress: Shein

All of Fashion to Figure’s Sweater Dress Collection ( They were all too good to just pick one!)

So that wraps up the special birthday blogpost for NoMinusPlus! Thank you as always for watching, and thank you once again for all your support! Cheers to 9 years of NoMinusPlus and here’s to 9 more years! I love you lots like tater tots and I will talk to you all in the next one.

A Day In The Life of Brie: An Unexpected NYC Adventure

Hello All My Darling Diva’s!

It feels so good to type up a new blogpost. It’s been a hot minute! If you had a chance to see my latest video, I mentioned that I want to post more lifestyle content in hopes that we can connect more. I decided that the best way to do this would be to expand my current IG story segments, so today I am kicking my new lifestyle content with an expanded version of A Day in The Life of Brie, which is my Vlogging segment that I usually post only on my IG Stories. In this episode of a day in the life of Brie, I take an unexpected fabulous trip to N.Y.C. to drop off a SlayBJanae order to a special client. So enjoy the video and meet me below for more details!

Did you enjoy the video? I hope so! I plan to do A Day in the Life of Brie once a month, so stay tuned! Below you can find links to the people and items shown and mentioned in this video.

SlayBJanae: You can place an order with SlayBJanae on IG or FB!

Modcloth: The NYC store is closing sometime in November, but still go if you can! If you see Joachris there tell her Brielle sent you! Here are the items that I tried on/ purchased

Keyhole to My Heart Pullover Sweater
(Worn unbuttoned in green look and with the polka-dot blazer)

My Poshmark: I have moved my closet sale over to Poshmark! Follow it today to shop my closet. Starting this Monday, 10/28, I will be posting new items weekly! The sizes range from XL-3X, and all the shoes are Size 11!

And that wraps up A Day In the Life of Brie! If you want to keep up with me and the blog, be sure to follow me on all my social media platforms. They are all linked above. Be sure to make sure that you are following the NoMinusPlus Mailing list. Starting next week, I will begin to send out V.I.P. emails again, so click here to sign up to the list so that you can get the scoop on all things NoMinusPlus first! I have something super cool dropping next week for Halloween, and my V.I.P. darling divas get to see it first, so be sure to sign up! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you in the next one!

Back 2 School Lookbook Pt1

Happy Friday Darling Divas!

I hope all is well on your end! Today I am bringing you part 1 of a 2 part lookbook that I have created for all your back to school needs. If you are a darling diva that is back on campus this season and looking for some cute outfit ideas for class then this lookbook is for you. If you just are looking for some casual fun outfits then this lookbook is also for you! So enough of the intro lets get into this lookbook.

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Did you enjoy the looks? I hope so! If you loved this lookbook then I cant wait to show you what’s in store for next week in part 2! Let’s get into the breakdown of each look.

Look 1: Nothing But Net

Dress: Torrid

I couldn’t find an alternative dress, so click here to find a similar fishnet dress, and here for a similar t-shirt dress.

Sneakers: Reebok

Backpack: JustFab

Click here for Similar

Look 2: Duster at the Desk

Duster/Kimono: Target

I wasn’t able to find a similar Kimono, but click here and here to find two styles that I think are cute!

Jeans: Lane Bryant

Click here for Similar

Tank top: Lane Bryant

Click here for Similar

Sandals: Ross

Click here for Similar

Look 3: Overall these assignments

Overalls: Ashley Stewart

Click here for Similar

Top: Zeba

Sneakers: Reebok

Backpack: Payless

Click here for Similar

Look 4: Darling Diva

Top: NoMinusPlus Merch

Skirt: Ashley Stewart

Click here for Similar

Sneakers: Nike

Backpack: Dollar General

Click here for Similar

Jean Jacket: Torrid

Click here for Similar

So that wraps up today’s lookbook! Remember to come right here next week for part 2 of this video. It’s one that you don’t want to miss! I love you lots like tater tots, and I will see you next time!